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Same Business, New (or Old) Model

When we started this business in 2007, our main focus was customer convenience (as well as affordability). We always met with our clients at a time of their choosing and a place of their convenience. When we had the opportunity to move into a downtown store-front, we thought it could only be more convenient for our clients to find us. As it turns out, having strict store hours (usually during client working hours) didn't allow time for those potential clients to see us before we closed. Not to mention the overhead involved in renting a store which forced us to raise our pricing (sometimes right out of the clients spending reach).


Because of these issues, we've decided to rediscover our roots! We have closed our store-front and will be continuing our long-held value of convenience. Instead of you carving out time to come see us, we will come to you! After your initial contact with us (email or phone call), if your order requires it, we'll hash out a time and place that is best for YOU, then meet to work out all the details. This convenience is at no extra charge, of course, because we understand how difficult it can be to step away from life sometimes and get stuff done. 

We look forward to working with you and showing you just how dedicated we are to giving you the best experience possible.

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