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Embroidery Services

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Embroidery is the classic way to get noticed. Take any low cost garment, add your embroidered logo and watch as value is instantly added to your brand and your business!  Embroidery is also a wonderful gift idea. Perfect for a new baby, housewarming, birthday's and so much more!


Free Quotes & Estimates!

We have no minimum requirements on embroidery orders. If you just need one, we can do one, no problem!

You can have as many colors as you want. We do not charge extra for color changes.

Either you or GR Design can supply the item for embroidery. 

We also offer custom patch making! 

~Your choice of backing color.

~Choose adhesive or no adhesive.

~Any quantity!

Use these links to search for apparel and accessories. Any prices listed in these catalogs may not include all applicable charges and do not reflect final pricing.

Includes up to 6000 stitches in one location

Customer Supplied Items: Includes digitizing for text or simple design

1 Item- $20.00

2 Items- $12.50 each.

Must be the same design on each item.

Ordered Items: Plus retail price of item

1-2 Items- $12.50 each

3-12 Items- $8.45 each

13-24 Items- $7.00 each

25+ Items- $6.25 each 

Extra Stitch Charge:

$1.25 per 1000 stitches over 6000 stitches.

$25.00 per hour for designs with 35,000+ stitches, not per stitch.


Digitizing Charge:

Ordered Items- $19.00 minimum charge on all new designs. Back designs require $35.00 charge.

Customer Supplied Items- $5.00 for more complex designs. Designs that cannot be digitized in-house require the $19 minimum charge.

Second location is charged at half-price of the applicable price break (plus extra stitch charges, if applicable. Digitizing charges for both designs apply).


Free left chest embroidery with the purchase of a back imprint (digitizing charges for both designs apply). 

Minimum charges will be included at the time of order. Uncharged digitizing fees, extra stitch fees, etc. will be charged at order completion.

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